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MaximaHosting recognizes that downtime is not an option for your web site. That's why we invest heavily in hardware and facilities that ensure clients' sites are up and running on the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Floor to floor height:
typical floor: 4.1m (3.5m under beam)
floor loading: 5 kPa / 7.5kPa
Total floor area: 350,000 sq.ft. gross
Typical floor: 14,000 sq.ft. gross
No. of Storey: 24 storeys of ISC's

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To guard against local power failures, our data center provides:
Utility Connection
Dual feed 11kV power supply from separate HKE zone substations
Dual feed telecom connection from separate telephone exchanges
Electricity Supply
Main Supply: 2000 KVA Transformers
UPS: 400KVA UPS modules with n+l configuration per floor, 30 mins battery back up time, dual power supply risers
EPS: 2000KVA generator sets (24-hour continuous full supply)
Earthing: Separate data centre clean earth

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Indoor temperature at 20 +/- 2 Degree Celsius
Relative humidity at 50% +/- 10 %
Direct expansion type or Chilled Water Type CRAC unit

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MaximaHosting's web servers are custom-built industrial machines designed for a 24/7 web serving environment. In addition, our NOC is equipped with an inventory of identically configured, burned-in standby servers.

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We keep spare servers running and fully operational all the time, so if we have a server malfunction we could replace it within minutes. In that way we can offer you 99.9% uptime guarantee.
We realize that you are serious about your online business, and we are serious about ensuring that it is always accessible: at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

Dual TBE rooms and dual risers
Dedicated 100mm dia G.I. Conduit for vertical backbone.
G.I. Conduit for interfloor cabling use
Optical fibre to the building

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